Rekey Locks

What’s the meaning of lock rekey? Why shouldn’t you replace the key if it’s lost or stolen? Why should you call our company to rekey locks in Verdun before you move to a new office or house? Knowing the answers to these questions is very important to your overall security. Let us explain why.Rekey Locks Verdun

Lock rekey significance

Each lock works with a particular key unless it is a master lock. In this case, it will open and lock with the master key and the change key. The first one will open all doors in your apartment building. But each apartment will have its own key too. What’s convenient about cylinder locks is that the cylinder can be removed. There are pins inside the cylinder and can be changed. And their replacement is important when you don’t want the lock to work with the original key. Why? Because in the event the original key was stolen or is still in the hands of the previous owners of your new house, anyone could use it to enter your private property. And that brings us to the important of key change.

Why not replace but change the stolen key

There is no point replacing the key once it is stolen. The potential thief could still use the original key to break in your home or office. So instead of key replacement service we change the key. We cut a new one and match its notches with the pins inside the cylinder. That’s the whole point of lock rekeying. When the key is moving inside the lock, it will only go all the way in and either lock or open the door when its notches fit the pin configuration. When we rekey locks, we replace these pins to change the configuration only to match with the new key.

Why turn to our locksmith company for rekeying?

We come quickly to take care of such problems and rekey locks in Verdun, Quebec, effectively. Our pros are always well equipped to replace the pins and cut the new key. And when it comes to master locks, we can replace the pins to enable the use of a different key. So call us for master key system needs in Verdun too.