About Us

What are you mostly afraid of by working with a local locksmith company? After many years of experience in the field, we can give the answer ourselves. We know that your biggest worries are concentrated on unanswered calls, delays, bad quality of services and excessive prices. It is our pleasure to inform you that you will find nothing of the above at Locksmith Verdun. Our phone lines are constantly open 24/7 for your needs, our prices are fair and our mobile units ready to serve you and provide the quickest emergency lockout service. 

The biggest corporations are still found in the largest cities of Quebec but, during the last decades, cities, like Verdun, are not merely residential communities, but have developed excellent local economies, which cover the needs of residents and provide them with first quality public services. Although, criminal activities are rarer in such societies, Locksmith Verdun constantly advises its customers to follow the rules of safety and home security and proceed with lock change frequently. 

There are many excellent products available on the market and you can also find great electronic locks. Our company can supply you with the best products and offer you the best locksmith services taking in consideration the latest technologies and scientific studies. Thus, you can rest assured that your home and work place can climb one more step in the ladder of security with our assistance.